Jewish Music


This release from the legendary Debbie Friedman includes thirty-four tracks of liturgy from the morning service, based on the new Mishkan T'filah prayer book, with traditional options where appropriate. Debbie says of this new CD, "I hope (it) will give people the opportunity to pray in an intimate and personal way... I want to help people to begin their day with an open heart, to learn to pray in a comfortable, non-threatening way. Now, when so many are feeling anxious and stressed, the comfort and sense of peace that prayer brings can be a wonderful experience—the perfect way to begin the day."

As You Go On Your Way is accompanied by a 32-page booklet with Hebrew, transliteration, and English translation of each prayer or blessing, as well as a study guide and commentary prepared exclusively for this CD. Debbie's timeless melodies give everyone, from the beginner to the seasoned davener, the opportunity to begin the day with spiritual nourishment.

  1. Oh God
  2. Modeh Ani
  3. V'eirastich Li
  4. Mah Tovu
  5. B'yado
  6. Asher Yatzar/Elohai
  7. Nisim B'chol Yom (Birchot Hashachar)
  8. Mourning Into Dancing (Psalm 30)
  9. Baruch She-Amar
  10. Baruch She-Amar (Traditional)
  11. Ashrei
  12. Hal'luyah-Psalm 150
  13. Yishtabach
  14. Bar'chu
  15. Yotzeir Or
  16. Ahavah Rabah
  17. V'ha-Eir Eineinu
  18. Sh'ma
  19. V'ahavta
  20. You Shall Love (V'ahavta)
  21. Mi Chamochah/Miriam's Song/Tzur Yisrael
  22. Amidah
  23. Amidah (Traditional)
  24. Havineinu
  25. R'fa-Einu
  26. Sh'ma Koleinu
  27. Modim
  28. Y'varech'cha
  29. Nasim Shalom
  30. Oseh Shalom
  31. May The Words
  32. Aleinu
  33. Kaddish D'rabanan